Update: Google SERP Changes | Testing New features | 14-Nov-2019

Yet another SERP change test by google.

Today i going through results on google for some keywords when i noticed some changes in SERP.

When i hover over the results i saw four colored dots appeared against each website’s result snippet that disappeared when i moved the cursor away from the snippet. I then click the said dots a small window in a box appeared that described if the connection to the site was secured or not based on whether the website had SSL and all the Https sites showed a message saying “Your connection to this website is secured” with a lock sign

It also had a link “Learn How Search Works” unfortunately i didn’t click on it (now i am wondering why didn’t i??) and then like the other changes it disappeared see Screenshot below:


google serp change update november

Did you guys noticed this change? or any other please do comment below and share thank you!

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