Write For Us

Hi and Welcome to SEO Curious. You are probably here because you want to submit a guest post on my site and fortunately i am accepting guest posts.


Following are the guidelines:

  1. Post must be unique not spun, copied or plagiarized.
  2. Post must not be posted anywhere else.
  3. At least 800 Words of content and a banner would be a plus.
  4. Topic must be SEO or Related to SEO.
  5. No company promotion kindly write something that reader will find useful.
  6. Write a meaningful and attractive title be creative.

Kindly Submit your posts at seocurious[@] gmail [dot] com with the subject “Guest post”

And since this is an Informational blog here are a few tips on guest posting:

How To Guest Post

Step 1: Finding Websites that Accept Guest Blogs (in your niche):

Use Keywords (KW) that give you results related to your topic/niche with search operators and queries like:

KW + intitle:”write for us”
KW + intitle:”write for me”
KW + intitle:”contribute to”
KW + intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog
KW + “submit a guest post”
KW + inurl:/guest-post/
KW + “guest post”
KW + “guest post by”
KW + “accepting guest posts”
KW + “guest post guidelines”
KW + “guest author”
KW + “guest article”
KW + “guest column”
KW + “become a contributor”
KW + “write for us”
KW + “write for me”
KW + “contribute to”

For example if i am going to search for seo blogs thats accept guest posts i will search:

SEO intitle:”write for us” or SEO + “accepting guest posts”

you can also search for a broader keyword like in my case i would use ‘digital marketing’ or ‘internet marketing’ because those website covering these topics will be interested in SEO aswell.

Step 2: Reaching Out

After you have collected sites that accept guest posts now you have to reach out and ask them for posting your content.

Remember to follow carefully read the guidelines of the website so you don’t trouble afterwards, Write a simple and human email that doesn’t look like a spam outreach campaign once done there is one thing to do after that for some time….. WAIT.

Step 3: Wait and Reply

Yes wait for the replies and just simply send them your content offering including Unique useful content according to there guidelines with a catchy Title image or images and finally a link back to your site.

Sit back and relax as your articles begin to appear on blogs increasing your quality backlinks, Infact have a drink or two to celebrate.